Reasons to select Norco

You have many choices when selecting a college. Community Colleges in California provide excellent flexibility that can improve success.

NORCO College is a great choice. .

Even if you have considered four years colleges, a Community College has several advantages.

  1. The tuition cost is much, much lower. (See article on college costs link)
  1. LOCATION: NORCO College is centrally located between, Corona, Riverside, and Eastvale, and a short commute from Lake Elsinore, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and San Bernardino.
  1. FLEXIBILITY: At NORCO College, most students have other jobs or responsibilities outside of getting an education.

64% of NORCO College students work in addition to taking classes.
66% work less than 20 hours a week.

  1. A GREAT PLACE TO START: Many people are not quite ready, or can’t take the time, for a full college experience. Community Colleges can give you time to adjust to a new way of life. NORCO College works hard to assist students with busy lives.

90% of students recommend Norco College to their friends.

  1. CAREER PATH: Selecting a career can be tough, and changing your major late in the game can mean wasted courses and more cost. If you are undecided about where your interests lie, a Community College allows you to get basic courses out of the way, and to try out some subjects that aren’t covered in high school.

Over 93% of students say they can achieve their goals at NORCO College

  1. REAL WORK SKILLS: Trade and specific skills training are available. Today, being ready for a job is more important than ever. Four year degrees provide a great education, but often don’t get you ready with with real work skills. Community College allows you to blend job skill certifications with basic education classes. You can leave with an AA and certified for a job.
  2. COMMUNITY: You’ll see old friends and meet lots of new friends in an environment that supports all students from every walk of life. NORCO College has lots of campus organizations and events so you can have fun with friends while you prepare for the future.

83% of students say NORCO College has adequate extracurricular activities

Not every student is completely comfortable starting college. At NORCO College, that’s okay. We are here to help you get started and continue through the experience: one that will change your life.

WE WANT YOU HERE: The success of every student is important to us, and, at NORCO  College, each student can achieve their dream.

You don’t have to have money, or go into debt, to get a better life.

You don’t have to get a four year degree to start creating your dreams.

Better skills and education lead to a better job..

The statistics are clear: there is an achievable path to your dream.