What Students Say

“Everyone and anyone who knows me knows I am all about Norco College because of the positive impact it has made in my life. This college has welcomed me with open arms and it had made my college/ student life worth every minute I’ve spent on the campus day and night either with events on campus or doing my part as a student leader with student government. I am all about the students and nothing will ever tear my heart and soul away from Norco College itself. I owe everything to those that supported my educational growth and believed in me but I would not be where I would be at this school without the strength, guidance, and true friendship from someone at the school that is more than an inspiration, he is all about making things happen and bringing life to the Norco Campus and his name is Dimitrios Synodinos.

I’m proud to be a part of the 25th Anniversary celebration and feeling successful as a school is rewarding enough on its own!!

The life of a student is more fulfilling when the student proceeds, believes, and achieves.”

– Christian C.

“This school is awesome and offers a lot of opportunities!”

– Shannon S.

“Love the support from teachers and staff.”

-Patricia Y.

“Norco college is a great school!! I am starting my 2nd semester back can’t wait!”

– Lyssa P.
“Probably my favorite learning environment. Great campus, caring teachers and good people. A great place for anyone to begin pursuing higher education.”

-Andrew M.
“Norco college is out of this world amazing. I’ve been attending for a while. The staff are incredibly nice. Eops, sss trio have become my family. The events are awesome. Learning at norco is so enjoyable. Great people, great atmosphere, Norco College is the epitome of the perfect learning environment. The Asnc crew all make sure the events are carried out in a fun and safe manner love you ASNC. ROCK ON MUSTANGS!!”

-Alayna J.