Why go to college?

To have a better life

To support a family

To grow in a career

To have options that allow for freedom of choice

The evidence is clear about education and trade skills. The more you have, the more you make. Of course this flat statement has a few exceptions, because the statistics are lumped together. But in general, when looking at many people and their jobs, the chart developed by the US Labor Department continues to remain true.

Become valuable. Get an education and the skills to be valuable to an employer.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections

Thise chart shows two characteristics that have remained true in America for decades. With the exception of getting a doctorial degree, more education produces more income for that level of education. In addition, the unemployment rate; the number of people who cannot get a job, declines with education. The largest category of unemployed are those without a high school diploma. On the other end, masters and doctorial level degrees, have the lowest unemployment.

This means that the more education you have, the quicker you’ll find your next job, and the more you will get paid (on average).

The chart above does not take into account special skills that are also in demand by employers. Certain technical jobs are replacing traditional jobs in industry, health care, manufacturing, and logistics. These jobs are needed in the Inland Empire and pay well. The understanding of electrical, computer and mechanical systems are in demand across most industries.

For example, completing a 7 month program in the NORCO College CET (Career Education Training) program can yield wages from $19 to $29/ hour. Watch a video here. The Accelerated Certificate and Employment Program has reorganized a two year program into just seven months. They are designed to provide competence for jobs right away. Most programs can be completed for about $5000. This provides a really good return on your time and money.

NORCO College can also integrate this work with an associate’s degree which can be completed while you are working.

ACE (Accelerated Certificate & Employment) Programs available are:

Many more programs are available in traditional formats.

HERE’S THE POINT! Learning increases earnings.

You don’t have to have money, or go into debt, to get a better life.
You don’t have to get a four year degree to start creating your dreams.
Better skills and education lead to a better job..
The statistics are clear: there is an achievable path to your dream.